How To Increase Foot Speed For Sprinters

How To Increase Foot Speed For Sprinters

SPEED IS AN ESSENTIAL component to being successful in competitive running and other active sports. Sprinters have to hone their skills to improve their speed and strike time. Many runners and sprinters learn the hard way that unsupported ankles can turn or roll when landed on improperly that can lead to a tendon or ligament pull or tear. These sorts of ankle related injuries often present with intense or delayed pain, injury site tenderness and swelling.



Why Top Runners Support Their Ankles With Compression Socks

Professional runners know the dangers of running without the proper type of ankle area support. Some swear by wearing sprinting performance socks crafted to use compression that gives the ankle region stability, protection and support. This type of sock can increase blood flow which sends necessary oxygen-rich blood to the performing body structures like the feet and lower legs. The sock's compression action then sends blood back up to the heart again. A drawback that top runners have come across with this ankle support measure has been that common compression style socks were simply not comfortable to wear.

Advantages of Lasso Socks Over Traditional Compression Gear

Runners are finding that Lasso socks are simple to put on, are exceptionally soft and comfortable, have stay-dry fabric technology and have the right amount of stable ankle support required for injury prevention. In addition, these thinner socks have cushy strike padding, and the wearer has more flexion and less constriction than other models generally have. These performance socks may help more by improving the coveted foot speed for sprinters and increase endurance for long-distance runners. Injury prevention is crucial for any athlete's normal routine.

A faster foot speed for sprinters can be the difference between winning and losing. Along with regular practice sessions, sprinters can add ladder drills and hurdles to their routines at least 2 to 3 times a week. However, don't do this on consecutive days as muscles need time to recover. Keep head straight, and don't squeeze hands into a fist when sprinting. Stay relaxed, and keep arms close to sides for speed improvement. Pay attention to keeping your body in the correct alignment, and consider wearing performance socks when practicing. Check out the many benefits and high-tech features that sprinting compression socks like Lasso socks promise to deliver by logging onto online anytime.