How To Use Compression Socks For Sprained Ankles?

How To Use Compression Socks For Sprained Ankles?

Imagine yourself playing your favorite sports but suddenly you landed at a weird angle and heard a pop from your ankle in a few seconds you feel intense pain and in a few minutes you were unable to walk. And when the medic got to you, he found that you got a Sprained Ankle. And asked you to get yourself Compression Socks For Sprained Ankles. So that you can go back to your with full glory and might.

Oops… What should you do now? Should you take a leave from your favorite sports? No. Of course not. You might need a break but that break should also heal your sprained ankle so that you can get back to the sport with full glory and might.

And that’s why you need the best compression Socks for your sprained ankle. Compression socks apply pressure on the affected area and act as a great tool for recovery. They are a very integral part of the recovery process called RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).

In this article, you’ll learn everything about:

  • What ankle sprains are
  • How compression can be used for recovery from ankle sprains
  • The benefits of using compression socks
  • How to use compression socks when recovering from a sprained ankle
  • How to choose the best compression socks for you

What ankle sprains are?

Sprained ankles occur when you twist or awkwardly turn your ankle. Essentially, when the ligaments are forced beyond their normal range of motion, that is when you get a sprained ankle.

In most cases, there is a tear in the outer side of the ligaments of the ankle. You may also see it swell up or bruise and think that it might not be a big injury and that you can still carry on. But doing so will only aggravate the situation.

There are a few circumstances to be aware of that can present a higher risk of getting a sprained ankle: A fall from some height, Jumping, pivoting or landing awkwardly, Walking or exercising on uneven surfaces, off-road, or in the mountains and it also might occur if someone else steps on your foot during physical activity, for example during a basketball game.

Finally, it’s worth highlighting that you can take steps to prevent ankle sprains in general. And they are as follows:

  • Starting with warming up properly before exercising
  • Using an ankle support brace or tape on an ankle that’s known to have been previously injured or that’s particularly sensitive
  • Wearing the right shoes for the activity you’re doing
  • Avoiding high-heeled shoes
  • Avoiding sports that you’ve not trained appropriately for
  • Maintaining good stability and strength overall, as well as muscle flexibility.

Now, Let’s understand How Compression is a part of the recovery from Sprained Ankles.

How Compression is a Part of the recovery process from Sprained Ankles?

When an ankle sprain occurs, traditional recovery follows a method known by the acronym RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Rest depends on the severity of your ankle sprain, normally you should take rest for 24 to 48 hours after the injury to allow your ankle to heal. A moderate sprain is usually fine to walk on, but more serious ones should be kept free of any kind of movement for a longer period.

Icing the affected area helps to reduce inflammation and can alleviate some of the pain.

And the next process is compression. This is where medical compression socks come in. They reduce swelling and pain by allowing blood to flow more freely. Which is a critical part of the recovery process. As it is the process where most of the recovery occurs and if done properly, the recovery can be sped up to a large extent.

For the first 72 hours after an injury, elevate your ankle as much as possible above your heart.

Now, Let’s understand a few more benefits of Performance Compression Socks in the Recovery process from Sprained Ankles!

Now, Let’s understand a few more benefits of Compression Socks in the Recovery process from Sprained Ankles!

Benefits of compression socks for Sprained Ankles:

Compression socks provide a lot of advantages when it comes to recovery from sprained ankles like easy to use and specific compression only on the ankles area. But to be honest you can not only use them during a medical ankle injury. They can also be worn during any of your athletic activity because it looks stylish and also provides you with enough range of motion without risking any further ankle injury.

Here are a few benefits of using compression socks for sprained ankles:

  • They are easy to use and can be worn for a longer period without causing any discomfort or side effects
  • Compression socks are not only to be worn when you’re receiving treatment in the hospital but can also be worn after you have healed completely
  • Compression socks also provide comfort to different types of athletes, it also ensures that there is proper blood flow in the ankles and the athlete has a proper range of motion for better performance
  • Compression socks also come in different types which apply different amounts of pressure on athletes of different disciplines. I mean compression socks are available for different types of sports.
  • There are compression socks available today which fits the current style requirements of the youth ensuring that the socks can be worn by athletes anytime without anyone realizing that they have an injury.

How to use compression socks for Sprained ankles?

If there are any symptoms that you might be having a sprained ankle. Don’t go home and put on a sprained ankle. First, go to a hospital and visit a doctor.

Although wearing a performance compression sock will provide you immediate relief but you never know how severe the injury is until you go and see a doctor. So, that’s the very first step. Go and visit a doctor, no matter what.

If the doctor recommends you wear compression socks then only go an buy your compression socks. Start with a compression sock of 150-200 HG and notice how that makes you feel. Can you wear it for longer periods or does it hurt too much?

Is it making you feel uncomfortable? Can you walk properly in it? Can you run properly in it? Notice all of these. Notice if you’re facing any kind of difficulties wearing these socks and if you do. Go and visit your doctor again.

He can recommend you if you should increase or decrease the pressure. If you feel that you’re comfortable with this much pressure and want to keep going, then just keep going with the same compression socks.

You can also choose to wear these compression socks even after recovering from an ankle injury as long as you feel comfortable in them and they help you improve your performance.

How to choose the perfect compression socks?

For choosing the best compression socks for you. You need to keep a few things in your mind. The pressure is the most important one, as is the size of the compression socks, the length of the socks, and the color or style you’d prefer.

Keep all of these in mind. You should also think about if you would be wearing them for long periods every day or will just wear them for short periods while doing any kind of athletic activity.

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