How To Prevent Blisters While Running

How To Prevent Blisters While Running

Blisters while running are very common but cause many problems. Whether you're an experienced long-distance runner or completely new to running, you'll somehow experience a blister in your life sooner or later. And it is the biggest nightmare for any runner. In this article I will tell you how to prevent blisters while running.

A blister is the accumulation of fluid under the skin due to friction. When your socks or shoes scrape against your skin while you walk, a blister will quickly develop on your feet, similar to when you experience chafing on your body.

Blisters are usually a small problem. Unless you take your sock off, you might not even know that one is on the top of your toe.

A blister can be irritating and painful, depending on where it is located. These little pockets of fluid, whether they develop on a toe, your heel, or another area of your foot, can interfere with your workout regimen.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Let us learn about what we can do to prevent blisters from even happening.

How To Prevent Blisters While Running?

1. Start With Your Socks

Cotton socks trap moisture, which makes them your adversary. Wear synthetic compression socks created for exercising.

These socks frequently have cushioning and compression in the heel and ball of the foot for increased comfort. They should fit your foot without extra fabric or seams that irritate your skin.

And here at Lasso, we create the finest range of compression socks for athletes keeping their needs in our mind. Our compression socks are designed to provide comfort, improve performance, and prevent any chances of blisters in your legs.

2. Get Proper Shoes

Shoes that are too tiny will grind against your heels and stifle your toes, leading to blisters. Shoes that comfortably fit your foot will prevent friction and support your foot with each step.

Before committing to a long-distance run, find your proper shoe size and make sure to break in your new shoes to get your feet adjusted to them.

Even if the experts advise you to select a pair of running shoes, you should still try them out before going for a lengthy run.

Wear sneakers around the house along with any additional running accessories and your compression socks. Check for any spots that rub while moving around the house in low-stress, low-pressure settings. If there are, running will make them worse.

3. Buy Insoles

Investing in getting an insole will help prevent the painful experience of blisters. A gel or foam insert will assist you, but you are still prone to blisters.

It can lift your foot a little bit higher to prevent rubbing on the back of your heel, in addition to being softer for your toes and supporting your arch.

4. Moisturize

Dry skin can crack, increase friction and pressure points, and become infected, making it almost as damaging as sweat-moistened skin.

A skin lubricant, such as Vaseline or Aquaphor, is applied by seasoned athletes to lessen friction in pressure points near the foot.

If you haven't already, incorporate the following into your nighttime routine: Before going to bed, lubricate your feet with Vaseline or Aquaphor, and then cover them with a pair of socks.

5. Don't Remove Calluses

By toughening up your skin, calluses operate as your body's natural cushion by padding areas of high pressure that endure a lot of rubbing. Therefore, the skin will be more prone to blister formation if you remove your "cushioned" areas.

However, you want to keep them under control because if they grow significantly, they may press on deeper layers of skin and promote friction. So use a pumice stone or callus file to reduce them in size.


Blisters are a real pain but not for you if you use Lasso socks because we guarantee to make you comfortable and improve your running performance.

At the same time, it reduces your chances of getting blisters and helps you soothe any blisters you already have.

So, It's a wise decision to invest in getting a good pair of Lasso Compression Socks for you as it is precisely made by keeping the athletes' needs in mind.