Should You Wear Compression Socks While Running?

Should You Wear Compression Socks While Running?

You may have heard about compression socks for running if you are an avid runner, returning to the sport, or attempting to maintain your fitness. And the question: Why use compression socks when running may have crossed your mind. According to some experts, wearing graduated compression socks while jogging promotes better blood flow.

According to other specialists, compression socks for the knees help the body recover in between runs. Although it turns out that both sets of experts were correct.

But neither group discloses the actual reason for why runners should wear graduated compression socks. And in this article we shall be disclosing the reason as to why you should wear compression socks.

What are Compression Socks?

A compression sock is a piece of clothing that evenly distributes light pressure around a limb to promote venous return. It has fabric wrapped around the toes and resembles a leg sleeve.

Through arteries, the heart distributes blood that is enriched in oxygen to the rest of the body. Veins carry oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart and lungs.

Due to the assistance of gravity, blood pressure is higher in arteries leaving the heart. As blood returns to the heart through the veins, blood pressure drops as it defies gravity. The forces of gravity and vascular resistance are balanced out by wearing compression socks along the entire circumference of the leg.

How Compression Socks Benefits Runners?

Running in compression socks reduces the amount of effort the heart must exert to pump blood against gravity. Pulse rates don't rise as quickly. Leg muscles get more oxygen than other muscles.

This translates to the ability to run longer and faster before experiencing a burn. Muscle circulation is increased, which does more than only decrease lactate generation. It reduces the muscle's response to stress by giving it more oxygen. You might be able to run faster and farther since your muscles don't become as tight or tense or as prone to go into spasm as a result.

Additionally, compression socks prevent the calf muscle from wriggling. They lessen oscillation in the thigh and even over the belly by acting through the fascia. Muscle efficiency is increased by reducing oscillation.

Running with compression socks allows for greater force and speed despite having to combat muscle oscillation. Compression makes it possible to focus effort forward-moving rather than oscillating. These are the main advantages of compression socks running.

Is there any proof that Compression Socks help during Running?

A study was conducted on 12 well trained runners by the Australian Institute of Sport and The University of Tasmania and here are the results:

  • The lower leg's cross-sectional area is reduced by compression socks by around 0.1 square centimeters. There is no danger of leaving marks from this level of pressure.
  • Compression socks averaged a six-tenths of one percent increase in VO2, the amount of oxygen consumed by runners. The measurements all indicated that wearing compression socks has advantages.
  • At the second workout, wearing compression socks lowered the reported level of muscle soreness by 20%. Even with a very small number of runners, this conclusion was statistically significant.

What are the best Compression Socks for Runners?

A British study of compression socks versus transcutaneous electroneural stimulation published in the International Journal of Angiology specifies the required qualities of a good compression socks for runners:

  • The socks need to be Graduated, meaning that the pressure is higher at the toe and gradually decreases till it reaches the calf.
  • It puts Low pressure, less than 15 pounds (about 40 percent of the pressure of a compression sock for varicose veins)
  • Must be Comfortable

Okay, so it turns out that sports scientists didn't really assess the elite players' comfort levels in their laboratory when testing the compression socks they were developing. However, you won't use a compression sock if it isn't comfortable, and if you don't use it, it won't improve your athletic performance.

Compression socks by Lasso are simple to put on. The top band is not a binding one. The toe seam is undisturbed. They are microbial-resistant. The fact is that locker rooms are extremely germ-filled and that’s why Lasso socks are made with anti-microbial materials. They also have a weave that resists odor.

Should you run while wearing Running compression socks? Yes. And they ought to be Lasso Compression Running Socks. In order to ensure that you have socks made just for you, we offer both men's and women's compression socks.

You might gain a slight advantage over other runners by wearing compression socks in any given event. However, they will make it much simpler to continue doing the road work that improves your strength and speed for each race.